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 By Terry Dillman    Features    June 1, 2013

Numbers Offer Possibility of More Promising Salmon Season

Cautious optimism again best describes the attitude of commercial salmon fishermen in the wake of the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC)’s adopted ocean salmon seasons for 2013. PFMC recommends management measures for fisheries off the... Full story

 By Kathy A Smith    Features    May 1, 2013

Washington Fishing Ports: Keeping Pace with Today's Commercial Fishermen

Westport Marina, located in the Port of Grays Harbor, Washington boasts the state’s largest fish landing port. The marina is currently home to 285 annual boaters, two-thirds of which are the... Full story


From the Fleet: Commissioners Unfit for Service

‘From the Fleet’ is intended to allow individuals and organizations the opportunity to express their opinions on commercial fishing-related issues and concerns. The views expressed herein are the opinions of the author, and do not reflect nor... Full story


Appeals Court Puts Oregon's Gill Net Fishing Rules on Hold – For Now

In last November’s election, Oregon voters overwhelmingly rejected Measure 81, which would have banned commercial non-tribal gill net fishing on Oregon’s “inland waters” and allowed the use of... Full story


This Just In

In December of last year, as a gift to the recreational fishing industry, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife commission voted to ban commercial gillnets on the mainstem of the Columbia River. The following month, the Washington State Fish and Wildlife... Full story


Rules Revisited

In this space last month (Playing by the Rules, February 2013) we noted that a group of Southern California brail-boat squid fishermen were concerned about an influx of big foreign-built seiners parti... Full story


Playing by the Rules

Something Fishy in the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission In mid-January the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission voted unanimously to adopt major reforms for the Columbia River, including... Full story


Southeast Alaska Gillnetters Struggling with Observer Program

Commercial harvesters in the Southeast Alaska salmon drift gillnet fishery, mandated for observation under the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act, say changes are needed in the program because it’s disrupting their fishery. “It’s just a colos... Full story


Who Benefits?

Cui bono? That’s Latin, for “who benefits?” The responsibility for an act can usually be determined by asking who stands to gain as a result of the act. At press time, the Oregon Fish and... Full story


A Bad Plan for a Healthy Fishery

The Columbia River Working Group held its third and final meeting in Seaside Oregon on November 15. The Working Group was established in September to consider Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber’s plan to change the Columbia River salmon harvest allocation... Full story

 By Jim Bower    Features    December 1, 2012

Designing a Cordova, Alaska Bowpicker

As a boat builder, I’m always looking for new markets and potential customers. The market for new bowpickers for fishermen who fish out of Cordova, Alaska appears to offer such an opportunity. The... Full story

Waterproof and breathable gear

New Gear for Crew Comfort

It goes without saying that safety, warmth, staying dry and personal comfort are necessities that commercial fishermen must have on the job, no matter the task or the season. And the companies that ma... Full story


Opinion – Kitzhaber Plan for Columbia River Commercial Fishery is Misguided

When Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber announced on August 8th that he would be asking the Oregon Fish and Wildlife (ODF&W) Commission to draft plans for moving the commercial non-Indian gillnet fishery out of the mainstem Columbia River and into... Full story


Humpies Boost Wild Salmon Harvest to Nearly 90 Million Fish

Alaska’s wild salmon harvest for the 2012 season stood at 89.9 million fish by August 10th, a leap of nearly 40 million fish since July 27, albeit still below the projected harvest of 132.1 million fish. But the salmon fisheries, pink salmon in par... Full story


ODFW to Begin Rule-Making Process for Lower Columbia River Fisheries Management Commission Approves Governor’s Gillnet Proposal

Staffers from Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) are venturing into well-charted but controversy-infested waters as they prepare to sail into a rule-making process designed to weigh anchor on Gov. John Kitzhaber’s proposal to reform... Full story


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