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…Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

Those of us who have grown up in the Puget Sound region are deeply committed to the fishing industry, and appreciate that Seattle, as the homeport of the North Pacific fishing fleet, plays an important role in the survival and success of the companie... Full story


Alaska Wild Salmon Harvest Clears 890,000 Fish

The famed Copper River district salmon fishery is running well ahead of forecast and as of June 10 appeared to be likely to have a robust regular commercial fishing schedule, with openers twice... Full story


Chinook Bycatch Limit Set for GOA Trawl Fleet

Federal fisheries managers voted June 8 in Juneau to put a 7,500-fish limit on Chinook salmon bycatch by some 60 bottom trawlers harvesting flatfish, rockfish and Pacific cod in the Gulf of Alaska. The action during the June meeting of the North... Full story


Cargo Ship Leaking Oil Under Watch at Valdez

At the Port of Valdez on Prince William Sound, the US Coast Guard in early June was holding a foreign vessel that was leaking oil from its containers. Valdez, the site of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil... Full story

 By Peter Marsh    Features    July 1, 2013

Pacific Seafood Makes Fast Recovery from Warrenton Fire

The fishing port of Warrenton, Oregon at the mouth of the Columbia River lost the major buyer and biggest employer in the town when Pacific Seafood was destroyed by fire on June 4. Fortunately, there...


From the Fleet: Court Decision Threatens Fishing Industry in Washington State

On April 23, 2013, a Washington Court of Appeals (COA) issued a decision that threatens Washington State’s fishing industry and commercial fishing. In a case called Puget Sound Crab Association v. State of Washington, Department of Fish and... Full story


Fukushima Tuna Study May Lead to Solving Missing Albacore Mystery

Pacific coast Albacore fishermen may soon have answers to the puzzle of why the catch is better some years in the northern Pacific albacore grounds than it is in the southern. A recently published scientific report made the news for its statement... Full story


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