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California Fisheries Fund Loans Help Fishermen Strive for Sustainability

Commercial fishermen and environmentalists don’t often find themselves on the same boat, collaboratively eyeing the horizon. All the same, fishermen realize the need to protect the resource that fee... Full story

Crewmembers from F/V Ranger unload Dungeness crabs.

Crabby Crabbers? Delayed Dungeness?

The third time proved to be the charm for the opening of the 2012-2013 commercial Dungeness crab season in Oregon and Washington, but whether or not crabbers find the circumstances charming depends... Full story

Crewmembers from the F/V First Hope unload hagfish.

Slimed: Ugly Hagfish Yields Somewhat Pretty Income

An ugly primitive sea creature is fetching sort of pretty prices for some Oregon fishermen. With an abundantly available resource and willing buyers, a number of fishermen are cashing in on a... Full story


Washed Up

Another gigantic dock piece beached itself on a remote Pacific Northwest shore on December 18 – an early “Christmas gift” from the earthquake-spawned tsunami that devastated Japan in March... Full story


Delay for ‘Dungies’: Crabbers ready but crabs aren’t

The commercial Dungeness crab season from Point Arena, California to the Washington-Canada border was put on hold until at least Dec. 15, due to recalcitrant crabs who failed their first two meat quality tests. Officials from the Oregon Department... Full story


Albacore Tuna Fishery Faces Challenges

By most measures, the North Pacific albacore tuna fishery is thriving. Abundant stocks and environmentally-friendly fishing practices with very little by-catch have earned the albacore fishery off the shores of Washington, Oregon and California... Full story


NOAA Officials Say Trawlers Adjusting Nicely to ‘Catch Shares’ System

Information gleaned by NOAA Fisheries Service during the first year of the West Coast trawl fishery’s use of the “catch shares” system, officially known as individual fishing quotas (IFQs), suggests that trawl fishermen are learning to plan... Full story


Scientists Still Eyeing the ‘Dead Zone’

Hypoxia team keeps watch on coastal waters Spring transition is the time of year when coastal wind patterns switch from winter’s southerly flow to summer’s northerly pattern. The summer pattern favors upwelling, the ocean process that ushers... Full story


Salmon Fishermen Hooking Mixed Results

Commercial salmon fishermen off the Oregon coast are so far landing considerably more fish this season than they did in 2011 and 2010, but the results, while promising, are far from satisfying for... Full story


Oregon’s Dungeness Season a Success

Oregon’s Dungeness crab fishermen logged another good year in terms of market value. The season ended August 14th with an estimated harvest of about 14.2 million pounds and to-the-boat value of $42... Full story


ODFW to Begin Rule-Making Process for Lower Columbia River Fisheries Management Commission Approves Governor’s Gillnet Proposal

Staffers from Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) are venturing into well-charted but controversy-infested waters as they prepare to sail into a rule-making process designed to weigh anchor on Gov. John Kitzhaber’s proposal to reform... Full story


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