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Talks Begin to Keep Alaska Seafood on Walmart Shelves

In the grocery section of a Walmart store in Anchorage, hard by refrigerated units holding a variety of frozen meat and poultry, is a smaller freezer area displaying wild salmon fillets, the bulk of... Full story


Certification Audit Complete, as Crabbers Await Stock Survey Results

By Margaret Bauman Prices are down a bit, but demand remains strong, as harvesters of Alaska’s deadliest catch, albeit multi-million dollar crab fishery await stock survey results that will determine quotas for the 2013-2014 fishery. Online markete... Full story


Demand, Prices Up for Succulent Yukon River Chums

Autumn has set in on Alaska’s Lower Yukon River, where the fall harvest of those oil-rich Yukon chum salmon is in progress, a fishery that feeds the regional economy with seafood sales in markets... Full story


Fish, Music and Art Draw Crowds to Salmonstock 2013

Amidst the ongoing political wrestling match over construction of a massive mine at the headwaters of the Bristol Bay watershed, there was music in early August, lots of it, as more than 5,000 people... Full story


Bristol Bay Slows

Alaska’s statewide wild salmon harvest topped 35 million fish by July 8, including overall strong returns at Chignik, Kodiak, Copper River and the Alaska Peninsula, while the Bristol Bay fleet was... Full story


Alaska Wild Salmon Harvest Clears 890,000 Fish

The famed Copper River district salmon fishery is running well ahead of forecast and as of June 10 appeared to be likely to have a robust regular commercial fishing schedule, with openers twice... Full story


Chinook Bycatch Limit Set for GOA Trawl Fleet

Federal fisheries managers voted June 8 in Juneau to put a 7,500-fish limit on Chinook salmon bycatch by some 60 bottom trawlers harvesting flatfish, rockfish and Pacific cod in the Gulf of Alaska. The action during the June meeting of the North... Full story


Chum Salmon Runs Looking Good for Yukon River

The first commercial fishing openers on Yukon River salmon will come around mid-June, and with a forecast of average to above average runs of both summer and fall chums, Kwik’Pak Fisheries is optimistic about a good season. “It looks very good... Full story


Modern Freezer-Longliner for Blue North Fisheries

A new longliner set to enter Alaska’s cod hook-and-line fishery in October 2014 will offer state-of-the-art environmental and safety advantages, and an ultimate goal of 100 percent utilization of... Full story


Millions of Dollars in Upgrades Planned for Alaska Fishing Ports

Fishing ports and harbors from Kodiak to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor and Bristol Bay to Sitka will see millions of dollars in upgrades over the next few years, from ramps, floats and docks to an entire new... Full story


Wild Alaska Salmon Ranks High for Musher, Racing Sled Dogs' Diet

Four-time Iditarod Sled Dog Race champion Lance Mackey was all smiles an hour before the start of the 2013 race to Nome, checking his sled bag over, when asked how much wild Alaska salmon he was... Full story


Atka Pride Seafoods Plant Will Open Early in Aleutians

The Atka Pride Seafoods processing facility, a joint venture of APICDA Joint Ventures, Inc. and the Atka Fishermen’s Association, will open April 27, closely paralleling the anticipated seasonal clo... Full story


Halibut Bycatch Issues Moving Slowly Through NPFMC

Analysis has been initiated by federal fisheries managers on a focused data collection program to be established prior to implementation of a trawl bycatch management program in the Gulf of Alaska. The North Pacific Fishery Management Council took...

Arctic Prowler under construction.

Two New Vessels Coming Online to Groundfish Fisheries in May

Harvesting of wild Alaska pollock, the nation’s largest commercial fishery, is under way in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands and Gulf of Alaska for 1,387,146 metric tons of the whitefish, up 3.8... Full story

Fish McBites.

Wild Caught Alaska Pollock Gets a Boost at McDonald's

Wild caught Alaska pollock are getting a big boost in name recognition, thanks to a new nationwide campaign by the fast food chain McDonalds, offering the fried white fish in bite-size pieces.... Full story


Kulluk Dilemma Points Out Hazards to Alaska’s Oceans

An environmental saga that began in late December when a tug lost its towline to a $290 million drill rig in rough seas south of Kodiak Island has raised new issues about the adequacy of these tugs... Full story


Southeast Alaska Gillnetters Struggling with Observer Program

Commercial harvesters in the Southeast Alaska salmon drift gillnet fishery, mandated for observation under the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act, say changes are needed in the program because it’s disrupting their fishery. “It’s just a colos... Full story

Big Bristol Bay Crab

Employment in Alaska’s Seafood Harvesting Industry Rose in 2011

Employment in Alaska’s fisheries is on the rise. The November issue of Alaska Economic Trends, a publication of the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, puts the average number of... Full story


NPFMC Reaches Decisions on Catch Sharing, Observers and Freezer Longliners

Federal fisheries regulators meeting in Anchorage Oct. 3-9 approved new halibut catch sharing and vessel observer plans, and cleared the way for replacement or rebuilding freezer longline vessels to... Full story


Competition Offers Options in Commercial Fishing Gear

When it comes to choosing rain gear and boots for the commercial fishing season, durability, staying dry and comfort are still deciding factors. Proven old favorites do attract repeat business, but in the competition for commercial fishing... Full story


Freezer Longliner Vessel Replacement Issues Face Final Action

Final action is scheduled at the October meeting of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council in Anchorage on options to allow larger freezer longliners to harvest Pacific cod in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands. Kenny Down, executive director... Full story


Demand for Wild Alaska King Crab Remains High

Two months before the 2012 Bristol Bay red king crab season begins, with brokers and buyers about to begin price negotiations, some industry sources were saying the best they can hope for is a quota... Full story


Humpies Boost Wild Salmon Harvest to Nearly 90 Million Fish

Alaska’s wild salmon harvest for the 2012 season stood at 89.9 million fish by August 10th, a leap of nearly 40 million fish since July 27, albeit still below the projected harvest of 132.1 million fish. But the salmon fisheries, pink salmon in par... Full story


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