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 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    August 1, 2016 

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Washington’s Fish and Wildlife Commission serves at the pleasure of the Governor, currently Jay Inslee. Governor Inslee says nice things about the North Pacific and Bering Sea big boat fleet, but... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    July 1, 2016

Fishing for Free

Bristol Bay fishermen are upset. One, in particular, made his displeasure known with a phone call to us late last month. His name is John MacDonald, and he started fishing in 1975 when he was 19. He... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    June 1, 2016

Editorial: Fish Safer

Fish Safer Accidents happen, especially in the commercial fishing industry. In January of this year, three fishermen were lost after their fishing vessel Eagle III capsized in 30 mph winds and... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    May 1, 2016

Future Fishermen

As evidenced by our young friend Sebastian, there continue to be young men and women interested in the commercial fishing industry. They're targeting the same fish, but they face a much different... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    April 1, 2016

Quality is King

Last month brought the 13th annual Wild Seafood Exchange. For those who are unfamiliar with the conference, the Wild Seafood Exchange is an opportunity for the independent commercial fishing... Full story

 Today's Catch    March 1, 2016

Don't Squeeze Us Out

Good news from Hawaii: In 2015, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a draft management plan and proposed rule regarding the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. The proposal contemplated a move from a... Full story

 By Bill Gardner    Today's Catch    February 1, 2016

Guest Editorial: Don't Give Our Fish Away

In the Pacific Northwest stakeholders have argued back and forth for bigger shares of our salmon for more than 100 years. On a regular basis there have been attempts to pass various bills and or initiatives to further limit or outright ban commercial... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    January 1, 2016

Bryant for Governor

On October 28th, Washington Governor Jay Inslee wrote a letter to the chair of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission. The Commission is appointed by the Governor, and serves... Full story

 Today's Catch    December 1, 2015

Meet the Director

A crowd of concerned fishermen gathered at the Fishermen’s News booth at Pacific Marine Expo last month to talk to James Unsworth, director of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. Director Unsworth had agreed to meet commercial... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    November 1, 2015


Last month the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife held a series of regional meetings in Selah, Spokane Valley, Mill Creek, Lacey, Vancouver and Wenatchee. The state held the meetings to... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    September 1, 2015

Meet the Producer

Software pioneer, investor and philanthropist Paul Allen thinks consumers should know where their fish comes from. He also believes that fish should be sustainably harvested and handled carefully... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    August 1, 2015

History Repeats

As we noted here in December of 2013, a group of sport fishermen in Alaska are tired of sharing the fish with the rest of the state. The latest volley in the war on commercial fishing takes the form... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    July 1, 2015

This is Not a Drill

“Mayday, mayday, mayday…this is the Kupreanof... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    June 1, 2015

Today's Catch: The Cost of Caring

THE 12TH ANNUAL WASHINGTON TROLL Salmon Lunch took place in Seattle last month. The annual affair, organized by Washington’s Makah tribe and the Coastal Trollers Association, is hosted by Lark Resta... Full story

 Today's Catch    May 1, 2015

Closing the Fisheries

In late January, following the appointment of a sport fisherman from Idaho as the new director of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) by the activist Washington Fish and Wildlife commission, three Pacific County, Washington... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    April 1, 2015

Conflict Resolution

Last month an Oregon fisherman was found not guilty in US District Court of "assaulting, impeding and interfering with" a federal fisheries observer while at sea in 2014. The judge ruled that... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    March 1, 2015

You're Not Wanted Here

A bipartisan group of Washington State lawmakers – 13 in the House of Representatives and ten in the Senate – have sponsored matching bills (SB 5844 and HB1660) to effectively eliminate... Full story

 Today's Catch    February 1, 2015

Guest Editorial

The following is an open letter to Washington State legislators from John Jovanovich, former Washington State representative and owner of Jovanovich Fishing Supply, a Washington State commercial fishing equipment supplier that has been paying taxes... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    January 1, 2015

Congressional Action

Last month Fishermen’s News Contributing Editor Terry Dillman wrote about the US Coast Guard’s decision to close the Newport, Oregon air rescue facility and the effect that decision could have on... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    December 1, 2014

Changing of the Guard

Although Alaska Senator Mark Begich had not conceded the election when this issue went to press, the Alaska Division of Elections had announced that Dan Sullivan had defeated Begich by a margin of... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    November 1, 2014

Numbers, Verified

The November issue is always a big issue, and coincides with the release of our annual Fishermen's News Calendar, as well as Pacific Marine Expo. This year is no exception, and marks the first time... Full story

 Today's Catch    October 1, 2014


If you fish commercially in Washington State waters, you’re wasting valuable taxpayer money. At least that’s how the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) sees it. To save those poor taxpayers from financial ruin, the WDFW wants to... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    September 1, 2014


Trust in government is at an all time low in the US, thanks in large part to local and state governments which, although closest to and most directly responsible to the people they serve, continue to... Full story

 Today's Catch    August 1, 2014

Wrong Camouflage

In April, the US Navy christened the first of its newest class of destroyers. Costing more than $3 billion, the 610-foot-long USS Zumwalt, named after the late Admiral Elmo “Bud” Zumwalt boasts advanced technology including a composite deckhouse... Full story

 By Peter Philips    Today's Catch    June 1, 2014

Value of the Fleet

April 23rd marked our fourth annual Bering Sea Fisheries Conference where more than 140 fishing industry representatives convened to discuss how to maximize the economic... Full story


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