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 By Richard Stratton    Features    April 1, 2014 

Reduce Condensation and Improve Insulation

We all know that watching paint dry is ... well, as interesting as watching paint dry. But the ability to control condensation with ceramic insulation coating while keeping traditional materials effec... Full story

 Features    April 1, 2014 

The Sun Rises on Delta's New Widebodies

Delta Marine was founded in Seattle in the early 1960s, when brothers Ivor and Jack Jones opened the yard on Seattle's Duwamish Riverfront and began building high-speed pleasure boats. In 1970 the... Full story

 By Glenn Reed    Features    April 1, 2014 

Pacific Seafood Processors Association

In 2014 Pacific Seafood Processors Association (PSPA) celebrates 100 years of service. The association’s membership includes both seafood producers and associate members involved in supporting the seafood industry. PSPA has been through two world... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    April 1, 2014 

Forecasts Indicate Another Promising Salmon Season in Oregon

If preliminary estimates are any indication, prospects for the 2014 salmon season off Oregon’s shores are quite good for both recreational and commercial fishermen. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) leaders provided abundance forecasts... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    March 1, 2014

Atom Bomb Tests Help Determine Age of Fish

The time has arrived when the age of a fish is an important factor in its management and catch status. The accuracy of determining the age of a given species has made a quantum leap in the last... Full story

 By Dan Huet    Features    March 1, 2014

Choosing the Right Refrigeration

When it comes time to upgrade existing equipment or to install a new refrigeration system on your boat for the first time, there are a few important things to think about. According to Kurt Ness at Integrated Marine Systems, “There are a lot of fac... Full story

 By Rick Greenquist    Features    March 1, 2014

Technological Advances in Marine Refrigeration

In the recent history of technological advances there are some profound developments in industrial and marine refrigeration that have completely changed the way we work. There are also simple yet remarkable advances that have greatly improved the... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    March 1, 2014

Saving Salmon

When the Pacific Northwest salmon fishery collapsed in 2006, commercial and recreational fishermen, perhaps for the first time ever, agreed on a fisheries issue: the need to mitigate the factors... Full story

 Features    February 1, 2014

F/V Optimus: New 58-Foot Combination Boat for West Coast Fisheries

Hitting the Southeast tanner fishery this month is a shiny new 58-foot by 24.5-foot combination boat built for John Barry, of Sitka, Alaska. The hull and interior of the new boat were built by... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    February 1, 2014

The Economics of Ergonomics – Making Safety Pay

Sitka salmon troller Eric Jordan may have discovered the secret to make fishing more fun, profitable and injury free. It's one word – ergonomics. "Fishing is way more enjoyable because of how... Full story

 By Kathy A Smith    Features    February 1, 2014

Getting Your Boat Ready for the Season

From the engine room to the hull paint, proper maintenance extends the life of the vessel and on-board equipment throughout the season and beyond. No one knows this better than the West Coast repair... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    February 1, 2014

The Great China Geoduck Ban Mystery

By Michael A. Moore China's ban on the importation of bivalves originating from the US West Coast could not have come at a worse time for the commercial producers and harvesters of oysters, clams and... Full story

 By Kenny Down    Features    January 1, 2014

Financing Will Be Key to Next Generation Fleet

Last month US Senators Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Mark Begich (D-AK) visited Seattle and heard from local fishing leaders on the challenges and solutions to building a next generation fishing fleet. The senators toured a freezer longliner under... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    January 1, 2014

Fins Up for Oregon's Albacore Tuna Season

It was almost the worst of times. It was almost the best of times. After another lackluster opening that spawned worries among commercial fishermen, the Oregon albacore tuna fishery went on a wild... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    January 1, 2014

Honolulu Fish Auction

Honolulu's early morning fish auction is more than just a marketplace for fishermen in from the high seas to sell their catch. It's a focal point, a hub where the entire fresh seafood community can me... Full story

 By Margaret Bauman    Features    December 1, 2013

New Attack on Cook Inlet Setnetters

A new sportfishing group on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula is proposing a ban on commercial set net fishing in areas it identifies as "urban" part of the state, including Cook Inlet. The announcement from t... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    December 1, 2013

Fishery Managers Scale Back Sardine Harvest

A controversial decision by the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) would set catch limits during the initial phase of the 2014 Pacific sardine season well below traditional recommendations.... Full story

 Features    December 1, 2013

Juvenile Red King Crab Released in Sheltered Habitat

A long-term research project aimed at improving the crab fishery at Kodiak Island has taken a big step forward with the first experimental release of hatchery-reared red king crab at Cozy Cove near... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    December 1, 2013

California – Where Have All the Albacore Gone?

If an albacore swims more than 60 miles off the southern California coast and no one is looking for it, does that mean it's not there? Good question. And one that no one will probably be answering... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    November 1, 2013

The Take on Hake

Any sense of dead reckoning indicates the Pacific Coast hake (whiting) fishery is alive and well, thanks to coordinated, collaborative efforts within the industry to avoid by-catch and enhance... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    November 1, 2013

NOAA Fisheries Merger Creates New West Coast Region

In February, when the Obama administration released its proposed 2013 budget, it featured more than $5 million in budget cuts for NOAA Fisheries, which oversees marine resources, including commercial fishing. As part of those cuts, the agency’s... Full story

 By Margaret Bauman    Features    November 1, 2013

Value of 2013 Alaska Salmon Harvest Tops $691 Million

Humpies proved a deciding factor in Alaska’s 2013 commercial salmon harvest of 272 million fish valued at $691.1 million. Powered by a record harvest of 219 million pink salmon, this year’s harvest ranks as the second most valuable on record, sai... Full story

 By Kathy A Smith    Features    November 1, 2013

Clothing and Gear

Wearing the right gear to keep you warm and dry is non-negotiable, and if you’re at the helm, making sure you’re sitting in the right chair for your body is also important. “Proper layering is... Full story

 By Ed Melvin    Features    November 1, 2013

West Coast Longliners Must Learn to Stream

Up in Alaska, longline fishermen view using streamer lines as a win-win proposition. These lines – strung from a mast, boom or pole above the hook lines and decked with orange plastic tubing that... Full story

 By Margaret Bauman    Features    October 1, 2013

Talks Begin to Keep Alaska Seafood on Walmart Shelves

In the grocery section of a Walmart store in Anchorage, hard by refrigerated units holding a variety of frozen meat and poultry, is a smaller freezer area displaying wild salmon fillets, the bulk of... Full story


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