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 By Kathy A. Smith    Features    November 1, 2015 

Nice Gear for a Tough Job

New technologies and modern materials have made the gear you bring to the fishing grounds stronger, lighter and sturdier. From your feet to your seat, there have never been more options for comfort in... Full story

 Features    November 1, 2015 

Recruiters of Young Farmers, Fishermen Face Same Issues

An organizer working to recruit more young people into farming says the individual attributes and community efforts needed to bring these folks on board are also key to recruiting new blood into the... Full story

 Features    November 1, 2015 

2015 Alaska Salmon Harvest Passes Quarter Billion Fish

Preliminary totals on the 2015 wild Alaska commercial salmon harvest have reached 256,535,000 fish, including 183,500,000 pink salmon, with 98,215,000 of those humpies coming from Prince William Sound. As of Oct. 12, the preliminary harvest count als... Full story

 By Senator Dan Sullivan    Features    November 1, 2015 

Opinion: Seafood Superpower

The seafood industry is the lifeblood of many of Alaska’s communities. The industry is the third-largest economic driver in my state and the top employer, contributing more than 78,000 jobs to the Alaska economy. Alaska accounts for more than 50... Full story

 By Alan Haig-Brown    Features    October 1, 2015

Fred Wahl Modernizes Miss Berdie

When she came into the Fred Wahl shipyard in Reedsport Oregon, the Miss Berdie was a fine looking boat with a bright red hull. When she left the yard this summer she was still a fine looking red vesse... Full story

 Features    October 1, 2015

Delta Seiner Sponsoned

Bruce Marifern operates the 1980-built F/V Freedom primarily as a salmon seiner and contract tender. Marifern has a small family fishing operation out of Petersburg, Alaska and runs equipment in Brist... Full story

 Features    October 1, 2015

New Freezer Trawler for O'Hara

A new 194-foot freezer trawler owned by the O'Hara Corporation will join the Amendment 80 fleet in the Bering Sea in 2016 to harvest and process flatfish for markets in Asia and the United States.... Full story

 Features    October 1, 2015

Bristol Bay Fishermen Welcome President to Southwest Alaska

Sept. 2 in Dillingham, Alaska, in the words of veteran commercial fisherman and business leader Robin Samuelsen, "was like a make believe world." President Barack Obama had come to town and the reside... Full story

 Features    October 1, 2015

From the Fleet: Minister Bennett's Visit to Alaska

We were among a group of fishing, environmental and tribal representatives who recently met with Lt. Governor Byron Mallott, British Columbia Mining Minister Bill Bennett and other officials on transboundary mining issues. Bennett’s visit was... Full story

 By Peter Marsh    Features    September 1, 2015

F/V Big Wave: Now Even Bigger

Anyone who has fished the West Coast long enough will have heard of The Fashion Blacksmith, the artistically-named boatyard in northern California that was an early advocate of sponsoning and... Full story

 By Margaret Bauman    Features    September 1, 2015

Perils of Crab Fishery Range from Poaching to Ocean Acidification

Alaska's legendary crab fisheries, as portrayed in the Discovery Channel television series "Deadliest Catch," underscore the dangers of bringing in the succulent king crab while battling the stormy,... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    September 1, 2015

One Fish, Two Fish, the New Blue Rockfish

A commercially significant species of rockfish, it seems, has a dual personality. Researchers from Oregon State University (OSU), the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), and the California... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    September 1, 2015

Climate Changes Could Affect Pacific Fisheries

European regulators believe commercial fisheries worldwide could lose as much as $17 billion to $41 billion in landings by 2050 due to the broadening effects of climate change. In all geographic regions, a 2014 summary and assessment from the... Full story

 By Peter Marsh    Features    August 1, 2015

Third Time's a Charm for F/V Paige Marie

When owner David Sorensen brought his 58-foot seiner F/V Paige Marie into the Columbia River last December, his 42-year old steel boat was showing its age, despite regular maintenance since he bought... Full story

 By Kathy A. Smith    Features    August 1, 2015

Advances in Electronics and Trawl Technology

Advances in electronics and trawl technology are taking some of the guesswork out of finding fish, making the harvesting of those fish more efficient and environmentally sound, and improving the... Full story

 By Mike Hillers    Features    August 1, 2015

Gear for Efficient and Sustainable Fishing

Fishing, specifically trawling, requires a vessel to get to the right part of the ocean, have a set of electronics to locate and analyze the wandering targets and then determine their depth and direct... Full story

 By Helgi Kristjansson    Features    August 1, 2015

Sensitive Trawling Using New Technology

For many years, trawler owners and captains have been criticized for damaging the fishing grounds with heavy fishing gear, such as trawl doors and ground-ropes on bottom trawls. There may be some truth to these criticisms, even though it has not... Full story

 By Peter Marsh    Features    July 1, 2015

Mavrik Marine's Bristol Bay Boats Run Fast and Smooth

After four years managing a Middle Eastern shipyard for Topaz Energy, specializing in fast freight and crew boats, Zachery Battle returned to Washington in 2009 with the goal of starting his own... Full story

 By Alan Haig Brown    Features    July 1, 2015

Repower and More for the Cornelia Marie

One of the best-known commercial fishing vessels in the world, the Cornelia Marie, has just undergone life-extending surgery. The Bering Sea crabber has gained a wide public following both for the... Full story

 By Paul Ivy    Features    July 1, 2015

Portable RSW Refrigeration System for the F/V Wizard

Captain Keith Colburn was looking for help with the refrigeration on the F/V Wizard... Full story

 By David Rowland    Features    July 1, 2015

About Your New Engine…

The last ten years or so, the world of diesel engines has dramatically changed, some for the good, some for the bad. Vessel owners in the past were able to purchase engines capable of support by local mechanics on the West Coast and Alaska. I... Full story

 By Peter Marsh    Features    June 1, 2015

Shallow Draft and a Traktor Jet for 49-foot F/V Royal Fortune

The F/V Royal Fortune is the second Prince William Sound 49-foot seiner that we've reviewed this year and shows that NW fishermen have already begun pushing the boundaries of what can be done in the... Full story

 By Peter Marsh    Features    June 1, 2015

Kvichak is Back!

In the middle of April, Kvichak Marine Industries, a Vigor Industrial company, launched three aluminum gillnetters built to a new “top house” design. The company’s last Bristol Bay boats were... Full story

 By Paul Ivy    Features    June 1, 2015

New Refrigerant Regulations and the Phase-Out of R22

Between worldwide environmental concern and the potential for punishing fines, it is essential that fishermen and shore plant operators be aware of the ever-increasing restrictions on many popular... Full story

 By Kathy A. Smith    Features    June 1, 2015

Fishing Vessel Safety

As of October 15, 2015, voluntary dock-side safety exams will become a Coast Guard requirement. This will apply to vessels that fish beyond three nautical miles from the territorial sea baseline. Mean... Full story


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