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 By Terry Dillman    Features    April 1, 2015 

Invasive Asian Fish Found in Oregon Waters

With plenty of flotsam from the 2011 tsunami that wreaked havoc on Japan still marooning itself on Pacific Northwest shores, researchers remain vigilant for the possibility of any invasive species... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    January 1, 2015

New Wave of Tsunami Debris Expected in Pacific Northwest

Researchers monitoring the seemingly endless stream of debris washing onto Pacific Northwest shores from the tsunami that devastated the northeastern coast of Japan in 2011 won't know the overall cost... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    December 1, 2014

Oregon Fisheries Ride High Tide in 2014

A revival in Oregon's commercial fishing industry during the past few seasons continued in 2014, with fishermen generating some outstanding landings despite facing the usual weather and ocean... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    December 1, 2014

Coast Guard Pulls Chopper from Newport

A death sentence. That's what folks who live, work, and play on Oregon's central coast are calling the US Coast Guard's decision to shut down its air facility in Newport before the end of the year. If... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    November 1, 2014

Researchers Ask Fishermen to Watch for Transponders

They bear an uncanny resemblance to a two-liter bottle of orange soda with a short antenna, and researchers are asking commercial and recreational fishermen, as well as coastal residents, visitors... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    October 1, 2014

Port of Toledo Enhances Operations for Commercial Fishermen

Call it the little port that can. Located seven miles inland from Oregon's central coast on the banks of the Yaquina River and adjacent sloughs, the Port of Toledo encompasses 443 square miles of... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    October 1, 2014

New Market Niche for Hagfish?

A bright, enthusiastic high school senior in Illinois – far removed from the ocean – has found a compelling new use for hagfish, one that, if followed to its logical conclusion, could provide an... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    October 1, 2014

Oregon Salmon, Pink Shrimp Success Continues

Predictions sometimes prove accurate, and the 2014 salmon and pink shrimp seasons off Oregon’s shores are good examples. In February, salmon fishery managers said at worst, this season could mirror last year’s upturn, at best provide another... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    September 1, 2014

Oregon's Crabbers Riding Market Value Wave

As the mid-August end of the 2014 Dungeness crab season loomed on the horizon, Oregon crabbers reflected on what many of them considered comparatively “dingy” dungy landings that still netted record to-the-boat value thanks to a record-setting... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    August 1, 2014

The Value of Fish

Creating asset markets for natural resources – among them, commercial fish stocks – is the underlying premise of a first-of-its-kind interdisciplinary equation developed by a pair of researchers. Josh Abbott at Arizona State University and Eli... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    July 1, 2014

West Coast Groundfish Trawlers Net Eco-Certification

The Pacific Coast groundfish fishery is definitely back from the brink and charting another course change by becoming the latest fishery to earn the blue seal of approval under the eco-certification umbrella of the international Marine Stewardship... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    May 1, 2014

Oregon, California Ports Offer Refuge, Commerce, Community

"Any port in a storm." Often erroneously used by landlubbers as a metaphor for sailing past any situation, dangerous or not, this time-worn idiom can sometimes mean the difference between life or... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    April 1, 2014

Forecasts Indicate Another Promising Salmon Season in Oregon

If preliminary estimates are any indication, prospects for the 2014 salmon season off Oregon’s shores are quite good for both recreational and commercial fishermen. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) leaders provided abundance forecasts... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    March 1, 2014

Saving Salmon

When the Pacific Northwest salmon fishery collapsed in 2006, commercial and recreational fishermen, perhaps for the first time ever, agreed on a fisheries issue: the need to mitigate the factors... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    January 1, 2014

Fins Up for Oregon's Albacore Tuna Season

It was almost the worst of times. It was almost the best of times. After another lackluster opening that spawned worries among commercial fishermen, the Oregon albacore tuna fishery went on a wild... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    December 1, 2013

Fishery Managers Scale Back Sardine Harvest

A controversial decision by the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) would set catch limits during the initial phase of the 2014 Pacific sardine season well below traditional recommendations.... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    November 1, 2013

The Take on Hake

Any sense of dead reckoning indicates the Pacific Coast hake (whiting) fishery is alive and well, thanks to coordinated, collaborative efforts within the industry to avoid by-catch and enhance... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    November 1, 2013

NOAA Fisheries Merger Creates New West Coast Region

In February, when the Obama administration released its proposed 2013 budget, it featured more than $5 million in budget cuts for NOAA Fisheries, which oversees marine resources, including commercial fishing. As part of those cuts, the agency’s... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    October 1, 2013

Oregon Tuna Vessel Sinks, Husband-Wife Crew, Two Cats Survive

Albacore tuna fishermen have endured vagaries of wind, weather and water during a 2013 season that has ebbed and flowed, but two long-time tuna trollers lost almost everything the first week of... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    June 1, 2013

Tuna Trollers Trash Treaty Talks

Call it an uneasy truce rather than a treaty. Two days of intense negotiations held between government representatives from the United States and Canada in Portland, Oregon in mid-April failed to... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    June 1, 2013

Numbers Offer Possibility of More Promising Salmon Season

Cautious optimism again best describes the attitude of commercial salmon fishermen in the wake of the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC)’s adopted ocean salmon seasons for 2013. PFMC recommends management measures for fisheries off the... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    May 1, 2013

Crabbers Clawing for Profitable Season

Despite predictions of a possible “bust” in a twice-delayed season, Oregon’s Dungeness crabbers have landed about 17 million pounds of the official state crustacean since January. In a news... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    May 1, 2013

Squid Squabble Surfaces in California

The 2013 season for one of California’s most lucrative commercial fisheries opened April 1 amid a lingering controversy that erupted late last season. Briana Brady with the California Department of... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    May 1, 2013

Oregon Ports Stimulate Coastal, State Economy

Oregon’s commercial fishing industry is alive and well. In fact, 2011 was an outstanding season with the highest landed value – about $148 million – since 1988, according to statistics from the... Full story

 By Terry Dillman    Features    April 1, 2013

Appeals Court Puts Oregon's Gill Net Fishing Rules on Hold – For Now

In last November’s election, Oregon voters overwhelmingly rejected Measure 81, which would have banned commercial non-tribal gill net fishing on Oregon’s “inland waters” and allowed the use of... Full story


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