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 By Michael A Moore    Features    September 1, 2014

Fremont Maritime – Training for Competency as Well as Certifications

When it comes to maritime safety, Captain Jon Kjaerulff of Fremont Maritime Services is a true believer – and he spreads the gospel of safety with all the fervor of a tent revival preacher. Captain... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    May 1, 2014

Half of Hawaii's Bottomfishing Restricted Areas Opening Up

A long-simmering dispute over the state’s Bottomfishing Restricted Areas (BRFA’s) between Hawaii’s fishing community and the state’s Department of Natural Resources and fisheries scientists has resulted in a move by the state to open six... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    March 1, 2014

Atom Bomb Tests Help Determine Age of Fish

The time has arrived when the age of a fish is an important factor in its management and catch status. The accuracy of determining the age of a given species has made a quantum leap in the last... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    February 1, 2014

The Economics of Ergonomics – Making Safety Pay

Sitka salmon troller Eric Jordan may have discovered the secret to make fishing more fun, profitable and injury free. It's one word – ergonomics. "Fishing is way more enjoyable because of how... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    February 1, 2014

The Great China Geoduck Ban Mystery

By Michael A. Moore China's ban on the importation of bivalves originating from the US West Coast could not have come at a worse time for the commercial producers and harvesters of oysters, clams and... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    January 1, 2014

Honolulu Fish Auction

Honolulu's early morning fish auction is more than just a marketplace for fishermen in from the high seas to sell their catch. It's a focal point, a hub where the entire fresh seafood community can me... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    December 1, 2013

California – Where Have All the Albacore Gone?

If an albacore swims more than 60 miles off the southern California coast and no one is looking for it, does that mean it's not there? Good question. And one that no one will probably be answering... Full story

 By Michael A Moore    Features    September 1, 2013

Puget Sound Crab Harvest

Puget Sound Dungeness crab harvests have been at record levels for the last four seasons, fluctuating between 8 and 11 million pounds total harvest. The 2011-12 season holds the record of close to 11... Full story