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 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    April 1, 2015 

Conflict Resolution

Last month an Oregon fisherman was found not guilty in US District Court of "assaulting, impeding and interfering with" a federal fisheries observer while at sea in 2014. The judge ruled that... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    March 1, 2015

You're Not Wanted Here

A bipartisan group of Washington State lawmakers – 13 in the House of Representatives and ten in the Senate – have sponsored matching bills (SB 5844 and HB1660) to effectively eliminate... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Features    January 1, 2015

Deck Machinery for a Successful Season

A fishing boat may be the most expensive part of the commercial fishermen's tool kit, but the machinery and gear he uses on a day to day basis is just as important. The tools for catching fish and hau... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    January 1, 2015

Congressional Action

Last month Fishermen’s News Contributing Editor Terry Dillman wrote about the US Coast Guard’s decision to close the Newport, Oregon air rescue facility and the effect that decision could have on... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    December 1, 2014

Changing of the Guard

Although Alaska Senator Mark Begich had not conceded the election when this issue went to press, the Alaska Division of Elections had announced that Dan Sullivan had defeated Begich by a margin of... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    November 1, 2014

Numbers, Verified

The November issue is always a big issue, and coincides with the release of our annual Fishermen's News Calendar, as well as Pacific Marine Expo. This year is no exception, and marks the first time... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    September 1, 2014


Trust in government is at an all time low in the US, thanks in large part to local and state governments which, although closest to and most directly responsible to the people they serve, continue to... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Features    July 1, 2014

Nichols Bros. Celebrates 50 Years

The first boat produced by the Nichols family was a tugboat. George "Mark" Nichols was an orchardist in Yakima, Washington in the 1930s. His 10-acre apple farm failed during the great depression, and... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    January 1, 2014

Semper Paratus

As we celebrate the New Year, with all of its promise and potential, let us also take a moment to recognize the efforts of the US Coast Guard, who are “always ready,” as their mission states,... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    September 1, 2013


Fall is here, and with the crisp mornings and return of the fleet come the annual festivals. The Newport Fishermen’s Wives, in Newport, Oregon, are gearing up for their annual Newport Wild Seafood... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    June 1, 2013

Act Locally

According to a new report, “The Economic Importance of the Bristol Bay Salmon Industry.” (, the Bristol Bay, Alaska commercial salmon fishery is the... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    March 1, 2013

Rules Revisited

In this space last month (Playing by the Rules, February 2013) we noted that a group of Southern California brail-boat squid fishermen were concerned about an influx of big foreign-built seiners parti... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    February 1, 2013

Playing by the Rules

Something Fishy in the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission In mid-January the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission voted unanimously to adopt major reforms for the Columbia River, including... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    January 1, 2013

Who Benefits?

Cui bono? That’s Latin, for “who benefits?” The responsibility for an act can usually be determined by asking who stands to gain as a result of the act. At press time, the Oregon Fish and... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    December 1, 2012

Murky Science

As Sara Randall, Glen Spain and Zeke Grader point out in this month’s PCFFA column beginning on page 18, the need for good science should be obvious to everyone; the problems with “bad science”... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    November 1, 2012

Setting an Example

As we reported in this space last month, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has asked the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission to ban commercial gillnets on the main stem of the Columbia River.... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    October 1, 2012

Lame Ducks and Anglers

In a presumed bid to curry favor with sport fishermen, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has asked the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission to ban commercial gillnets on the main stem of the Columbia... Full story

 By Chris Philips    Today's Catch    September 1, 2012

Wave the Flag!

This month Margie Bauman reports on the annual celebration of wild Alaska salmon and the people who depend on them, Salmonstock, which took place in early August on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. The... Full story