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New numbers!

Fishermen's News circulation is now audited!

The staff at Fishermen’s News are excited to announce that the most widely circulated commercial fishing publication on the West Coast is now audited. That means that when we say we reach the most fishing vessel owners, license holders, captains or crewmen, we can back it up with an official audit.

After 70 years of reporting on the West Coast commercial fishery, last year we upgraded to a 4-color, glossy magazine format, and this year our audited subscription numbers show us to be the best advertising buy in the market.

We hope you continue to enjoy the updated publication and welcome your comments on the new format. Let us know what we can do better and what we are doing right!

Thanks for 70 years of your support. We look forward to the next half a century of standing behind and reporting on the West Coast commercial fishing industry!

Our readers are an independent group, but they all have the same mission: To make a good living in the commercial fishing industry while maintaining the safety of their crew and the integrity of the resource. Our readers fish up and down the coast — from California to Alaska to Hawaii — with vessels ranging from 26-foot Puget Sound gillnetters to 240-foot catcher/processors. They make the buying decisions themselves, and look to Fishermen's News for help in making those decisions.

For 70 years, only Fishermen's News has consistently advocated on behalf of these commercial fishermen. We are a small, second-generation, family-run business, and our independence allows us to offer the U.S. West Coast commercial fisherman a voice. We tackle issues our corporate competitors won't touch.

Fishermen’s News is the most widely circulated West Coast commercial fishing publication. We reach more West Coast commercial fishermen than any other commercial fishing publication.

We know your advertising decisions are not taken lightly, and we back up our circulation claims with objective third-party verification.

Each year, Fishermen’s News’ circulation is audited by Verified, an independent third-party circulation auditing firm. You can be confident that the circulation claims made by Fishermen's News are accurate.

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